Maasai-beaded Dog collars, handbags, safari belts, handmade in kenya

‘Origins’ is our special collection of leather goods, inspired by Ancient Africa, cave dwelling, rock art and the elemental artefacts of ancient times:  bone, clay, hide, shells, rock, stone and fire.

This collection of belts is made using ‘antiqued’ beads that give a subtle, muted and mottled effect to the pattern.

All our Safari Belts are made with hard-wearing, Kenyan, natural, free-range, beef leather and finished on the inside with a soft, goat-skin lining.  The solid brass buckle is hand cast by local artisans using recycled brass.   Zinj Design Safari Belts are beautifully hand-beaded with 100% glass beads, and then hand-stitched to make them exceptionally strong and long lasting.